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Bevis nursing home agency is an initiative that was established to help individual/clients attain and maintain a healthy life style modification by taking nursing services to their door step through the use of acquired nursing skills. Bevis nursing home comprised of multidisciplinary care that is rendered to individuals at home i.e doctors, nutritionists, dentists, physiotherapists, nurses, caregivers etc. This initiative was founded in 2016 and was registered under CAC in 2018. The founders are group of health professionals who have worked in government health institutions and private hospital that is COHSASA certified. Through their years of working experience they have seen how individuals, family members struggle to strive through taking care of their love ones and has seen how many client have break down into complication with their various disease condition by not having the right information and proper management as regards to their disease conditions. Hence this approach was created by coming together with multidisciplinary team to support and assist these individual to care for their loved ones with the use of acquired nursing skills. This platform is different from other health nursing services because there is transparency and this is done by internet base where the family members are allowed using the internet monitor how their relatives is responding to treatment at home.
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Our Core Values


core values

Some of the benefits of our services are to mention but a few

  • It is delivered at the comfort of every client home.
  • It is easier for family and friends to visit..
  • It helps to prevent and delay disease complication.
  • It promotes healing and provides more safety from infection..
  • It allows more freedom and independence.
  • It is tailored to each individual patient needs.
  • It reduces frequent hospitalization.
  • It is more affordable than inpatient care.

Our Mission

To make every client/individual attain and maintain health through preventive and curative nursing services with good counselling skills through acquired best nursing skills, thereby improving the quality of lives of elderly individuals by continuously showing care and love.


Our Vision Statement

Our vision statement is to become one of the foremost home health care provider that will create and encourage a friendly environment for elderly individuals in Nigeria and Africa to increase in the number of elderly population within the next 10 years of practice.

Quality statement

Our Quality Statement

Our aim is to provide best nursing services with high exceptional quality in line with current recognized best nursing practice driven by competent professionals who give increase value to client/[patient satisfaction