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Our Services

Preventive health is the key to a healthier and happier future.

Skilled Nursing Care Services

This is done by assisting client with personal activities of daily living like, companionship, changing of positions, changing of diapers and moving patient around.

Medical Services

BHHCA was formed in collaboration with other health care workers like, doctors, nurses, microbiologist, dentist, physiotherapist, general surgeons, etc. these team of health workers help in the restoration of health, alleviate sufferings, prevention of diseases, curative management with the best practise in health.

Rehabilitative Services

Our health workers will help your loved ones with disabilities of any kind to recover fast to optimum state of health with specialised health professionals

Hospice Care

This is the type of care that focuses on the palliation of terminally ill patient pain and symptoms. we have competent health workers who attends to their pyhsical emotional and spiritual needs and the focus of care is on palliative focus without curative intent

Hospital Care

We have health workers and support workers who provide care for patient in the hospital in case patient relatives are not available to stay with their relatives.

Post Hospital Recovery

Home health care is often an integral component of post hospitalization recovery process, especially during the initial stage after discharge when patient still requires some level of assistance.

Pain Algiatry Management

This is an integral part in the management of any illness because it comes with pain and with our pain management physician we have the ability in employing an interdisciplinary approach for easing the suffering and improving the quality of life of those living with pain

Mobile Nursing Services

This initiative was adopted due to shortage of nurses in the health care system. we have competent well oriented , knowledgeable nurses who can travel with your relatives and provide the nursing support they need.

Janitorial Services

Due to the inability of our client to carry out their normal daily home activity as a result of their health state. BHHCA also provide support workers known as unskilled workers who will help with activities of daily task such as meal preparation, laundry services, light house keeping, errands, shopping, transportation and companionship

Nanny Services

These workers are also known as unskilled workers , they heap in taking care of your children when you are not at home under the supervision of a health worker for proper care.

Supply of Fresh Fruit/Food

It came to our notice that most of our client do not have assess to fresh fruit and food which form the basis of quality health.Bevis homes had to liaise with farmers directly to supply individuals fresh fruit and food stuffs at the comfort of their homes without going to the market.

What We do

To make it possible for individuals to remain at home rather than the use of residential long term or institutional nursing care.

We providers healthcare delivers services in the client own home. These services may include some combination of professional health services and life assistance services.

It may include medical or psychological assessment, wound care, medication reminder and Administer, teaching, pain management, disease education, prevention and management, physical therapy, speech therapy or occupational therapy

It includes help with activities of daily task such as meal preparation, laundry, light housekeeping, errands, shopping, transportation and companionship.

Our Core Values


E - Empathy

N - Neatness

T - Timeliness

E - Excellence

R - Respect

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